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 Associated Subcontractors Alliance of Sacramento, Inc.  
  Building Strong Contractors through Networking, Education and Advocacy


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About ASA of Sacramento

ASA of Sacramento, Inc. has represented Subcontractors, Specialty Trades and Suppliers in the Sacramento and Central Valley regions since 1988.  It is a chapter of ASA California. For more information on member benefits and how to join go to Membership Information

  ASA of Sacramento's Vision

The vision of ASA of Sacramento is to be the strongest organization of subcontractors in the Central Valley Region focusing on legislation, education and networking

  ASA of Sacramento's Mission

Building Strong Contractors and Suppliers through Education, Advocacy and Networking.

ASA of Sacramento Soccer Night 

Join us at Bonney Field for the SOLD-OUT Sacramento Republic FC vs. LA Galaxy II soccer match on Saturday, July 11th. Your ticket includes reserved seating, BBQ, and California State Fair Admission.


 Paid Sick Leave

California’s Legislature passed several new laws that may require a change to employer policies and 

Employee handbooks. Other new laws make changes to different parts of existing law or may only affect employers in specific industries, such as farming or businesses that provide services to minors.


The most significant law for 2015 is the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014. The Act mandates that California employers provide paid sick leave.  The new law is not simple. Even if you currently offer a generous sick or paid time off policy, adjustments to your policies and practices are likely necessary.


The effective date for employers to begin providing the paid sick leave benefit is July 1, 2015. Other requirements, such as posting and notice obligations, took effect January 1, 2015.  Employers can at least start discussing the details and figuring out what they will need to do to be ready for July 1, including:


  • Decide which accrual method you will use
  • Review existing sick or paid time off policies and prepare to make any necessary revisions
  • Assess recordkeeping, timekeeping and payroll practices and update in time for the compliance deadline
  • Use the new poster and new Wage Theft Notice from the Labor Commissioner’s office


Let managers know about the new law and its prohibitions against denying the right to take leave and against discrimination.


Courtesy of California Chamber of Commerce

New IRS Publication Helps you Understand the Health Care Law


There is a new publication that will help you learn about how the Affordable Care Act affects your taxes. IRS Publication 5187, “Health Care Law: What’s New for Individuals and Families” is now available on


While the health care law has several parts, this publication breaks down what’s new for the 2014 federal tax return you will be filing in 2015.


This new publication provides important information for taxpayers who:


• Had health insurance coverage for the entire year

• Did not have health coverage for each month of the year

• Purchased health insurance from the Marketplace

• Might be eligible for an exemption from the coverage requirement

• Had advance payments of the premium tax credit sent to their insurance provider

• Is claiming the premium tax credit on their tax return


The publication includes a glossary that will help you understand new terms related to ACA. It also addresses the new lines for reporting ACA information on Forms 1040, 1040-A and 1040-EZ.  Most people have qualifying health coverage, and all they will need to do is simply check a box on their tax return.

Courtesy of GALLINA LLP